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  1633 Michelangelo Rossi's opera Erminio sul Giordana-earliest use of horn in theatre (T, 13)

1639 Cavalli's opera Le nozze di Teti e di Peleo in Venice (M-P, 13)

1654 Cavalli's Le Nozze performed in Paris (F, 6)

1664 Lully's divertissement-ballet La Princesse d'Elide in Versailles (M-P, 13)

1670 unknown Bohemian master writes a Sonata da caccia con un corno (J/B, 39)

pre-1700 Johann Beer Concerto a 4 (B, 154)

1700 horns integral part of orchestra in Carlo Agostino Badia's opera Diana rappacificata con Venere e con Amore in Vienna (H, 8)

1704 Klingenberg's aria "Die Singende Liebe" for bass, 2 horns, 2 oboes, bsn & continuo (F,52)

1705 Buxtehude's Templum Honoris - first full-scale cantata to call for a chorus of horns (F, 54)

1705 2 horns included in Reinhard Keiser's opera Octavia -first German score to use horn (F, 42)

1708 Morin's La chasse du cerf (B, 155)

1708 Jean-Baptiste Morin includes horn fanfares in his ballet-divertissement La chasse du cerf (J/B, 38)

1708 earliest record of horns & oboes played together in a ballet ensemble in The Marriage of Alexander & Roxana (F,22)

1708 Handel writes for horns in Naples Serenata, "Aci, Galatea e Polifemo" (F, 69)

1711 Handel's Rinaldo (F, 69)

1712 Christoph Graupner in Darmstadt begins regularly writing for horns in the orchestra (H, 8)

1713 Bach uses horn in Weimer cantata Was mir behagt, BWV 208 (H, 8)

1715 Johann Joseph Fux's opera Elisa (F, 60)

1715 first Italian use of horn in opera in Alesandro Scarlatti's Tigrane (H2, 105)

1716 Bach's Jagdkantate, BWV 205 (M-P, 140)

1717 first use of horns in the orch. in England - Handel's Water Music (H, 11)

1718 Scarlatti's Telemaco (F, 70)

1720 Handel's first indoor use of horns in Radamisto (H2, 105)

1721 Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 1

1723 Johann Adolf Hasse's opera Tigrane (F, 65)

1724 Handel's Giulio Cesare

1728 Sebastian Bodinus writes 4-part chamber sonatas for hunting horn, flute, violin & basso continuo (J/B, 49)

1730 Johann Adolf Hasse's opera Cleofide (F, 65)

1733 first performance of Bach's Quoniam from Mass in B-minor, BWV 232 (H, 80)

1736 Francesco Durante's oratorio Abigaile: early use of stopped notes (F, 65)

1740 earliest dated example of new (2nd horn) style of writing in Johann Georg Pisendel's additions to a violin concerto by Franz Benda (H2,108)

1749 Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks

1750s horn concerti by Franz Xaver Pokorny (K, 3)

1762 Haydn's Horn Concerto no.1 Hob.VIId:3

1769 Mozart's earliest writing utilizing stopped notes in Serenade in D Major, K.100 (H2, 110)

1772 Mozart's D-Major Serenade, K.131, first solo horn quartet in orchestral context (F, 184)

1778 publication of hunting fanfares by Marc-Antoine Dampierre, written decades earlier (J/B, 43)

1780s Mozart horn concerti

1781 Haydn's Horn Concerto no. 2 Hob.VIId:4

1800 Beethoven Horn Sonata

1803 Beethoven's Third Symphony

1803 Cherubini's opera Anacreon - huge horn solo (C1, 61)

1806 Beethoven's Fidelio

1814 one of the earliest peformances of a wind quintet, by Reicha (H, 17)

1817-23 Beethoven's 9th Symphony

1819 Concerto for 3 horns, including 1 valve horn by Lenss (E1, 74)

1827 Schubert's Nachtgesang im Walde

1828 Schubert's Auf dem Strom, one of the earliest delibrate compositions for valve horn 

1828 Gioacchino Rossini composes "Grande fanfare pour quatre cors a la Dampierre," Le rendez-vous de chasse (J/B, 43-4)

1837 Berlioz Requiem - scored for eight horns 

c.1840 Gounod's Six Mélodies for valve horn & piano (H, 19)

1840 two songs with horn obligato by František Škroup published in Prague - probably for valve horn (H, 24)

1848 Wagner's Lohengrin: horn writing suggests the use of valves as quick crook-changing devices (E4, 39)

1849 Schumann's Adagio und Allegro

1850 Schumann's Konzertstuck

1857 Rossini's Prélude, Thème et Variations in cor mixte style (H, 19)

1865 Franz Stauss Concerto

1865 Brahms Trio in Eb, op. 40 

1868 Brahms hears alphorn playing what will become horn solo in finale of 1st symphony (J/B, 22)

1874 Wagner's Götterdämmerung

1883 Richard Strauss Concerto no.1

1886-8 Cesar Franck's Symphony - 4 valve horn parts (H, 20)

1887 Saint-Saens Morceau de Concert, Op. 94, probably first performed on an omnitonic horn (H, 34)

1890 Glazunov's Reverie, op. 24

1906 Villanelle by Paul Dukas

1913 Schoenberg scores 10 horns for choral symphony, the Gurrelieder 

1927 Double Concerto for horn and violin by Ethel Smyth - first major work for solo horn in the modern idiom (M-P, 148)

1939 Hindemith Horn Sonata

1942 R. Strauss Concerto No. 2, Op. 86

1943 Britten Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings

1949 Hindemith Horn Concerto

1952 Hindemith Sonata for four horns